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Fridays Forecast

Output for Rattlesden (RAT) for Friday


The following graphs details the RASP atmospheric predictions for the date shown. This RASP forecast is for the Rattlesden BGA turn point location. Please be patient while the data builds from the latest live data

For Cu Potential, a positive number means there will be Cumulus clouds, a good day is typically around 1000 (or more).

On a good day, we need 10 degrees (or more) difference between the try temperature and dew point.

Ideally we do not want rain. A hint of a tenth of a millimetre means the air is fairly damp and the wet/dry temperatures will be close to each other.

Note that the 'Stars' forecast is experimental and based on original work by Paul Scorer.

Other Major Parameter Links for Rattlesden (RAT) for Friday


The following lists links to other RASP parameters which you can use to help with the forecasting.



  • Depth of Boundary Layer [ft]

  • Boundary Layer Top Uncertainty/Variability Top Uncertainty/Variability (for +1degC)

  • Surface Heating [W/m~S~2~N~]

  • Depth of Critical Updraft Strength (AGL Hcrit) [ft]

  • Buoyancy/Shear Ratio Truncated~C~

  • Cu Potential [ft]

  • Boundary Layer Vertical Wind Shear [kt]

  • Boundary Layer Max. Up/Down Motion [cm/s]

  • Cu Cloudbase (Sfc. LCL) [ft]

  • Overcast Development Potential [ft]

  • Boundary Layer Explicit Cloud Base [AGL] (CloudWater>1e-05) [ft AGL – max=18000]

  • Boundary Layer Cloud Cover [%]

  • Height of Boundary Layer Top [ft]

  • CAPE [J/kg] Convective Available Potential Energy


For all airspace and daily notifications, check the CAA NOTAMS. This information is provided on an as-is basis and not an alternative for flight planning.

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