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Experience Includes

  • Full instructor & safety briefing

  • £250 of flying credit

  • 3 months membership

  • Great value for keen individuals

  • Get involved with that club feel immediately

  • No scheduled flights: fly and help out just like other members

Learn to Glide




The Learn to Glide package is an exclusive offer for those who want a flying start to gliding. Offering great value for money for keen individuals, the package grants the recipient 3 months of club membership and £250 of non-refundable flying credit which can be used to pay for your flights.  Ideal for people who want to start flying regularly.

Once purchased, individuals will be involved in all aspects of club gliding and expected to help with setting up the club site in the morning, launching and retrieving gliders, packing up the equipment at the end of the day alongside other club members… not to forget the flying, where individuals will fly alongside full members according to the daily flying list .

After 3 months, if the individual is still keen to fly, they can choose to sign up as a full member, and any unused flying credit in their account will be transferred to their membership.

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