Gliding Experience

A unique and unforgettable flying experience. Up to 30 minute instructed flight after an aerotow to 3000ft*.

Learn to Glide

A new package available to those who want a flying start to Gliding. Offering 3 months membership and over £200 of flying credit, it’s perfect for those who are itching to get started!

Introductory Video

Get a feeling for gliding and our club by watching this short introductory video.

Evening Flying

An unforgettable way to try gliding and spend a summer’s evening with a group of friends or colleagues.

Gliding Course

The perfect starter course if you are serious about trying gliding as a hobby.

Trial Lesson

A trial lesson with an instructor will give you an introduction to gliding and provides the perfect starting point for club membership.


Set on an historic air base in mid-Suffolk the club is now in it’s 40th year.

Club Membership

Full flying members of the club benefit from club rates, have unlimited access to the club fleet and can take part in social activities.


A dedicated fleet of club gliders, available to use by all club members.

Taster Flight

A taster flight is the best way to get a small intro to Gliding. From just £45, you’ll receive an adrenaline-packed winch launch and up-to 5 mins airtime, perfect for those small gifts

Arriving by air – RGC is strictly PPR: Guidelines for powered aircraft can be found here.

Rattlesden Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC), and fully supports the promotion and participation in the sport of Gliding. Want to fly with us, but worried about the cost? To discuss options (in confidence), please contact the membership secretary (contact us page)